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You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking to have your business or commercial premises decorated. Take a look at all the reason why our clients choose us.

  • Your local Christmas Decorator - We are the only Christmas decorating company that has offices all over the UK. While other companies may offer a regional coverage we are actually local to you. With 21 offices evenly spread across the country, your enquiry will be dealt with by a managing director that is local to you ensuring a speedy and efficient service. If you have a problem or any last minute needs we can be there almost instantly! Read our blog on this subject.

  • Dedicated project managers - Each office of The Christmas Decorators is operated by one of our managing directors, someone who genuinely cares about your project and is able to give it the time and attention it deserves. When it comes to looking after a client you won’t get a better service from someone who owns the company and has a vested interest in looking after you as a client.
  • No middle men - Lots of Christmas decorating companies buy in their decorations, we don’t! With having a dedicated office in the far east and a network of factories, we cut out the middle men, save you money and are able to design our products exactly the way we want them rather than just use “off the shelf” products. We manufacture our own lights, garlands, wreaths and festive props. Here in the UK each regional office also manufacture and assemble our own designs of a variety of decorations both large and small.
  • Price promise - Comparing like for like no one can beat our prices.
  • Experience & professionalism - Have you see our client list? We decorate more square metres of retail space than any other Christmas company. We have decorated NATO military bases for the troops in Afghanistan. We have decorated the largest fresh tree in Europe. Who decorates the tree in Manger Square Bethlehem, on the site where Christ is said to be born? You’ve guessed it, we do! If you “Google” us you’ll see us all over the media. Also take a look at our client list, media pages and client references.
  • A large variety of business sectors - We decorate for all types of business small and large. From a simple office Christmas tree for £500 right up to a shopping centre for £200,000 and everything in between. We’ve even decorated an aeroplane and a grave yard!
  • Innovatio - “What do you do for the rest of the year?” is our number one question. Christmas doesn’t just happen! We spend the rest of the year coming up with new products and designs, working with our Asian factories and training our installers with new methods and techniques.
  • Christmas and only Christmas - We are purely s Christmas decorating company and we don’t dilute our abilities or focus by trying to be anything else. Would you ask a plumber to plaster your walls? No, you’d ask a plasterer. Florists, plant hire companies and toilet sanitation companies are no doubt good at what they do, however when it comes to Christmas they should stick to what they do.
  • Wow factor - We love what we do and it reflects in our work. Our aim is always to work away from a job not only impressing you the client but even ourselves. There’s nothing more satisfying than another job well done and another client totally delighted.
  • A day in our headquarters - Come and see us, we’d love to show you what we do. In Liverpool you find our national headquarters where we hold 10,000sq/ft of Christmas decorations as well as our Commercial decorations showroom.
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