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Request for Quotation


Tender Aspen – PR & Marketing




The Christmas Decorators is a nationwide provider of Christmas decorations into the commercial sector as well as for residential properties. We import and manufacture all our products in house. Head office is in Liverpool which employs 9 full time staff which raises to 20 for the busy 3 month Christmas period. Nationally, there are 20 franchisees who also employ between 2 and 6 people, and an office in Dubai and Aspen Colorado we are rapidly expanding our business.




I am looking for a quotation for the following spec please for our business launch in Aspen. We are a UK company that is launching our services into the Aspen valley. I need the quote for Tuesday for a board meeting if you can please:-

  • Create, design and manage a highly targeted Facebook and Google PPC Advertising campaign with a budget of no more than $5000 on ads.
  • Curate a targeted audience that will include homeowners, property managers, realtors, interior designers, hoteliers, restaurateurs, private chefs, personal trainers, local government officials and major landlords in Aspen.
  • A/B test ads based on ad copy, creative, images and target audience.
  • Create branded email campaigns for Aspen referral sources (property management companies, realtors, hoteliers, restaurant owners, private chefs, members clubs, property rental agencies and floral shops). Campaigns will include seasonal promotion, thank you and happy holidays.
  • Send educational email campaigns to referral sources during October and November selling season.
  • Send “Thank You” and “Happy Holidays” email campaign to customers and referral sources in December.
  • Send “How did Christmas go for you” email campaign to customers and referral sources in January to include images of jobs we have done during December.
  • Send “Are you ready to think about Christmas” email campaign to customers and referral sources in April.
  • Create and manage any social media contests and promotions to engage local businesses.
  • Digital ad distribution on as many local news and magazine sites as possible.
  • Google Analytics and HubSpot conversion data reporting at the end of each month.

Evaluation Criteria


QQuotations will be assessed and scored on the following criteria:

Understanding of Social Media (40%)

Company Track Record (30%)

Cost/Value for Money (30%)


Proposal Format


Proposals should clearly demonstrate how they meet each of the requirements set out above.


Deadline and Submission


Proposals are required by 14th October 2014 by 5pm either electronically or by post/in person to Nick Bolton: nick@thechristmasdecorators.com. And will be awarded on the 20th October 2014



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