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Company history

The company grew out of a passion for ‘feel good’ spirit - we work incredibly hard for 10 months a year and even harder for the 2 months we call the festive season to bring this service to people all over the country.

We started out in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and now, ten years on, we have a dedicated and highly skilled team of installers and designers working with us. It used to be that we purchased our lights and decorations from wholesale sellers - but now everything is different: we have our own office in the Far East looking after all our partner factories. We make everything from baubles to floral fibreglass, from wreaths to garlands and Christmas trees of all shapes and sizes. And then when everything arrives with us in the UK we store it in a 5000sq/ft manufacturing facility in Merseyside where we transform the basic materials into stunning displays. 
We consider ourselves innovators in the Christmas decorating market and are proud to be considered so: in 2013 we were responsible for lighting up over 3000 homes across Europe. But of course we still love going back to the Rockies to look after our original customers too!

Logistically our business cannot be done to the best quality, as expected by our customers, unless we have local bases. Therefore we have 20+ offices across the UK and each is run by a passionate and devoted managing director. We are extremely proud to be able to say that 95% of the UK has a Christmas Decorators office (complete with design and install team) within 30 minutes. This ensures that we always deliver the great service we have become known for.











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