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Commercial Christmas Decorating

The Christmas Decorators is a national and European professional Christmas lighting and decoration installation company with offices all over the UK and Ireland. As well as the unique products, dazzling designs and skill to implement a beautiful Christmas display to your property, we come with that little extra that makes a difference the passion! That's what sets us apart; it's the attention to detail that has earned us such a reputation over the years. From some of the biggest shopping centres in Europe, the most prestigious hotels in London, to blue chip companies across the UK and of course let's not forget the Christmas tree in Manger Square in Bethlehem.








Direct manufacturers

There are no middlemen with The Christmas Decorators. We manufacture all our materials in the Far East and have our own imports departments.  Here in the UK we have our own steel fabrication and fibreglass manufacturing facilities. This means direct control, lower costs and higher quality.


Your local Christmas Decorator

We are the only Christmas company that has local offices around the UK.  This makes us responsive when you need us and able to forge a better relationship together.  Who will look after you better? A local managing director or a  company that attempts to cover the whole UK from one central location?




The very highest of accreditations

We hold more accreditations than any other Christmas decorating company. Our systems are robust and audited annually ensuring all clients receive the very highest of standards of customer care.




Personal service

All customers are looked after by a managing director. It goes without saying that a managing director who has a vested interest in the company is far more likely to look after your needs than an employed project manager or sub-contracted install team.



Financially Secure

When Fuzzwire went bust in 2013 it left the market  place       nervous.  Especially those clients who still had their decorations up in February, we know because we had to come to the rescue.  Now another large operator has found themselves in a corporate IVA with their creditors.  You can rest assured that we are        financially secure, check us out on duedil.  When you pay us you need not worry about us making it through to Christmas.

In-house install team

Our local installation teams are led by our managing     directors.  Our teams are the best in the industry and all have a passion for Christmas. People ask ‘what do we do for the rest of the year?’ We practice, we train, we learn, we make stuff and when we’ve done that...we practice , we train and learn some more stuff! We never subcontract!!!


Unbeatable prices

Direct imports and manufacturing, in-house install teams and our own warehousing means that no one can recreate any of our schemes cheaper. Ironically we even supply decorations to some of our competitors.    








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